Social Media Campaigns

Social Media represents the most effective way to build a meaningful relationship with your client base. It is also fraught with pitfalls and you can easily ruin your reputation if you do not take a controlled, planned approach.

In the past, I have been contracted to the Online Marketing Team at several large corporations in the Tourism and online gaming sectors. I learned a lot about structuring your online presence and the fact that there is no ‘magic popularity button’ – no matter how big you are.  The larger clients I have worked with literally have banks of people, doing the same daily tasks any small blogger would have to do, in order to stay on top.

It all starts with a Social Media Policy – and I can workshop that with you in 2 hours.  It’s not difficult but it is VERY important.  You need your board of directors, business managers, staff and clients to be clear about what is okay and what is not okay.  Having a solid policy basis to sort out issues saves a lot of time and pain.

I can provide a great checklist of simple tasks and organised campaign plans to help you on your way.

Talk to me about your Social Media Campaign.