Jane Clark
Alice Springs – bio

Jane Clark is a web designer who has 30 years experience in the industry. As the World Wide Web was emerging, she was studying programing and Computer Systems Analysis and saw the potential in web design so she started her own agency in 1994.

“In the early days, there weren’t any printed manuals or study guides available because things were changing so fast. This meant students and lecturers alike worked together tapping into chat rooms to discover new advances daily. The freedom of being able to share information over wide audiences and get instant answers to curly coding questions was exhilarating and I often stayed up all night overtaken by the excitement of coding.

“For me, it’s not a job, it’s a vocation and part of my identity. I enjoy taking on new challenges with my clients because their success is my success.

“I have always been a business person, part-owning an Alice Springs disco in the 1980’s followed by Italian Restaurants and Pizza Bars. I was an Alice Springs Town Councillor and Vice President of LGANT for 2 terms 2004-2012.

“Since 2010 I have lived the digital nomad dream, working in Australia for blocks of 12 weeks followed by 6 weeks overseas travel. My business runs smoothly no matter which country I am in thanks to the internet.”