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User Manuals

Customised user manuals based on the level of expertise of the client.

Clear instructions and screen shots from your own web site.

Simple help files can also be created for you on request – for example “How to add a job vacancy


One reason I have so many happy clients is because I support them to be independent. I create customised user manuals based on the level of expertise of the client. I can create manuals for sites developed by myself or others.

I can create different manuals for different roles eg

  • IT Department,
  • front end admin,
  • sales and marketing staff.

I help the client analyse what tasks need to be done and when.  We then create a schedule and instructions together.  The manual may be along the lines of ‘how to advertise a position vacant’, ‘how to change text and images’ or more advanced tasks such as ‘how to backup the website, update plugins and fix problems’.

I use clear screen shots of the customer’s site and step by step instructions.  I also add quick reference lists which help a user who is familiar with the process but needs a checklist of the steps.

Social media manuals can also be created, supporting your promotional strategy and helping staff keep things fresh and professional.

Good quality training can be provided in person or via Skype or similar.  Investing in a good manual and training ensures that your web site is kept up to date and you get the optimal return for your web site investment.

Would you like a manual? 

A general manual can be created in 8 hours followed by a 2 hour training session.


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