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My story started right at the beginning of the internet age and the passion continues to this day.

About the Founder of Netgrrl

I started out studying Computer Systems Analysis in 1992 just before the world wide web kicked off.  They were exciting days as this new phenomenon started to take hold.  The technology changed too fast for there to be relevant text books so we all launched into this new online way of connecting.  Suddenly information was shared freely and a curious mind could tap into a new free global world.  My fascination has not waned in the many years since 1992.  I often stay up all night because something new has been discovered and I want to understand it.  I have taught and studied web technology constantly and I still love it.

When I first started, I owned the only Web Design Agency in the Northern Territory.  Others claim to have been the first but they were dabbling in web design as a side interest, unlike myself – I fully devoted my time to creating web sites and teaching others how to do it. Consequently I created many Government and University web sites.  I then moved on to design for many industries.  In 2008, my services were in hot demand so I decided that I should specialise in creating web sites for passionate people and for causes that stirred my heart.

This lead to my main focus: I now specialise in creating web sites which promote the positive stories about Remote Australia including our Indigenous languages, culture, heritage and environment.

I work closely with my clients to ensure they have independence and control over their own web sites.

I also believe in maintaining a work life balance whilst still looking after my clients.  I regularly travel overseas but always ensure wifi access is available so I can look after my clients.

I teach my clients to manage their own content if that is what they want and also provide manuals so they can pass the skills on to other staff members.  Many clients find this work time consuming so I now provide Virtual Assistant services where, for a monthly fee, your site is kept fresh, secure and up to date.

AI is now a part of the landscape, especially in the area of copywriting and social media posting.  I can show you the ropes, get you started and support your AI journey.

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