I have been teaching Web Design since 1994 (22 years) and have been a business owner for over 30 years. There is so much more to web design than simply knowing code.  It is a complex process and much time and money can be wasted if it’s not approached properly.

Many clients choose to enter into a mentoring relationship.  I will give you the tools you need to get the best out of your online experience.  I have worked for many different types of clients in various industry sectors, and have picked up a lot of information along the way.  I have taught Multimedia at TAFE level and have put trainees through Multimedia traineeships.

Some clients choose to have me come into their office for a 2hr session each week working with their design department, their marketing officer, their frontline staff or whoever is working on the web project.

I can work with you on your project, provide maintenance and strategy manuals, training video clips etc – whatever you need to keep the momentum going.

Give me a call or send an email, or schedule a Skype linkup and let’s make a plan!