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Random chats with Women Over 50 anywhere in the world

Many women bemoan the sense that they are ‘disappearing’ as they age and this podcast is an opportunity to feel powerful again.

There’s so much to know about this amazing world and so many view points.  The best conversations are now!

My goal is to have many many short chats with the over 50’s.  Bring up a topic and let’s talk about it.  I’m limiting the chats to 10 minutes so we get straight in to the juicy bits.

Many women are writers or producers of other content so I’ll do a short promo of your passion, cause or project before the show and in the show notes.

Where ever you are, Who ever you are, register for a chat and I’ll call you, chat for 10 minutes, hang up and then incorporate it into a podcast.

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It’s early days and I’m gathering up some interviews in order to launch the next series.  In the meantime, here’s my first chat with Dayananda, an artist and author in remote Queensland, Australia.



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Join me for a chat on my new podcast “Random chats with Women Over 50 anywhere in the world”- 10 minute chats with women over 50. Don’t be invisible – don’t be shy!  Book a 10 minute chat with me and let’s tell the world what we are thinking!

I would like to also promote your podcast or product so if you could send me a short blurb to read out prior to the cast please send it through. I will also include it in the show notes.

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